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Guide to presidential candidates

On Feb. 5, 24 states will decide whom they want to nominate for president. California is one of these states. While the presidential field has gotten a lot less crowded, we at The Collegian believe that it’s important for voters to make informed choices.

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The Sleaze-o-meter: Republican Edition

AMERICANS DON’T VOTE FOR candidates. Americans vote against candidates.

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Romney’s wins good for Rudy

COME DEBATE TIME, the Republicans have a crowded stage. One of them stands to benefit from it.

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LiveBlogging South Carolina primary, Nevada caucus

What follows is The Collegian’s coverage of the Nevada Caucus and the Republican South Carolina primary. It comes by alternating embellishment of CNN’s coverage and mocking of it, with worthwhile coverage interspersed throughout. Be sure to check out The Collegian’s ...

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Republicans ham it up on YouTube and CNN

Each candidate at the CNN-YouTube Republican debates last week had their own song and dance. Let’s take a look at the candidates: be they winners or losers of the debate, they’re players nonetheless. Mike Huckabee The rising star of the ...

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Precedence for presidents

“HOW DO WE beat the bitch?” A South Carolina voter asked Republican candidate John McCain at a campaign event earlier this month.

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