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Commencement ceremony ticket minimum upsets students

Graduation is getting closer, but for some students getting enough tickets to their commencement ceremonies for family can be troublesome

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Student court decides Jacobs’ appointment broke no bylaws

When Brandi Jacobs was appointed to serve as the Associated Students, Inc. Senator of Social Sciences on March 9, a dispute involving the applicant who had previously been recommended for the senate seat and ASI began.

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Smears mar ASI election

As the elections began Tuesday, negative campaign fliers could be seen around campus.

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Senator resigns

An Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) senator resigned earlier this month, and said it was because ASI is too passive.

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Senate approves replacement

At Wednesday’s Associated Students, Inc (ASI) meeting there were new and missing faces.

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The grass isn’t always greener

Once an open-air venue for concerts, rallies and theatrical performances, the California State University, Fresno amphitheatre was legendary.

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