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Fresno State Establishes Institute for Media and Public Trust

A new institute at Fresno State will examine media literacy and “fake news” and will develop new strategies to restore trust in media, according to Fresno State News. The Institute for Media and Public Trust was established by President Dr. ...

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Civil rights groups call for investigation into Randa Jarrar to stop

The fallout of the tweets sent out by Fresno State English professor Randa Jarrar has continued nearly one week after the controversy began. But even as the university plans an investigation into Jarrar’s tweets, several civil rights groups are calling ...

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Letter: Would you want to study at a university where freedom of speech is an ‘afterthought?’

By: Emily McKay Johnson Whether she’s a professor, a writer or just a woman existing, Randa Jarrar has every right to say whatever she wants. The problem is the context of her tweet was forgotten and instead, an outraged populous ...

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Don’t thump the bible thumpers

The radical Bible thumpers on campus have raised their stakes this week at the Free Speech Area. And it is annoying. They disrupt our academic learning environment and impede student traffic. This week individuals walked from the Free Speech Area ...

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Empowering expression in the wake of tragedy

This is the part where the unity elicited by tragedy begins to fade, and the chorused calls of “Je Suis Charlie” begin to turn to faint echoes, becoming parts of stories that begin, “Remember when.” It’s been over a week ...

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