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You won’t want to talk during ‘A Quiet Place’

The dystopian movie trope has been far overplayed after “The Hunger Games,” “Divergent” and even “Maze Runner.” I thought I was done with apocalyptic films altogether. But then I saw “A Quiet Place,” and I, too, was drawn back into ...

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‘The Post’ reminds journalists, citizens of need for free press

It’s 1971. The Washington Post staff awaits the Supreme Court decision following New York Times, Co. v United States, where the Nixon administration took the Times and the Post to court for publication of the “Pentagon Papers.” Editorial writer Meg ...

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Move review: “The Last House on the Left”

Rarely do horror films bring me to tears. I will cringe, maybe, and definitely scream, but never cry. This has got to be a first, but “The Last House on the Left” is just too raw and intense not to elicit such strong emotion.

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