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Program aims to cut campus water use by 20 percent

With drought plaguing California, Fresno State will attempt to reduce its water consumption this coming growing season by implementing a water conservation plan that aims to reduce 20 percent – 60-65 million gallons – of water consumption.

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Fresno State receives funds for infrastructure repairs

Fresno State President Joseph Castro announced to the campus community in an email Thursday that Fresno State will receive more than $30 million to move forward with a major capital project that will update the university’s aged electrical infrastructure.

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Fresno State’s electrical infrastructure 15 years overdue for upgrade estimated at $30 million

Electricity, like a heart to the human body, plays a vital role on the Fresno State campus. Each day, it gives students, faculty and staff the ability to conduct their activities with the convenience of power whenever they need it—but ...

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Lack of money affects campus’ cleanliness

The plant operations of California State University, Fresno has reduced its custodial staff this semester in response to the ubiquitous budget cuts.

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Letter to the editor: McKee Fisk upkeep neglected

Upstairs, in McKee Fisk, the women’s restroom has been out of order for a year now.

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Power restored in two buildings, problems noted for outage

Power has been restored to the Madden Library and Kremen Education Building and classes will be held as usual today, Tuesday.

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