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Hybrid cars not so green or cheap

For all the hype, hybrid cars may not be the best option for the environment or for people on a budget. High gas prices and environmental concerns have made hybrids a popular choice. On a typical drive around Fresno, it’s not uncommon to spot a number of them.

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Earth Day

Why does The Collegian love Earth? Check out this video for reasons why we love our planet.

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Students join river cleanup

A flatbed truck approached the RiverTree Volunteers’ cleanup site, just steps away from the San Joaquin River.

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Due to a lack of funding, Fresno State has removed outdoor recycling bins from campus. In recent years, Fresno State has moved toward improving campus sustainability by installing solar panels on parking structures and placing recycling bins throughout the campus.

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WEB-SPE@K: How do you try to take care of the environment?

What ways, if any, have you made an effort to make your consumption more environmentally friendly?

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