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Recap of ‘The Bachelor’ finale – what a nightmare

And I thought Juan Pablo was bad. I know I was not alone when I was mind-blown watching the two-day finale of the latest season of “The Bachelor.” It was cringy. It was heartbreaking. It was unexpected and also disappointing. ...

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Are blood diamonds a thing of the past?

Christmas is right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about buying gifts for loved ones. A popular gift is jewelry, preferably diamonds. The thought of buying, or receiving one, from a loved one may momentarily excite you, but considering the incidents those diamonds may have encountered on their way into your hands might make you think twice.

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Royal engagement sparks curiosity

Kate Middleton, Prince William’s brand-new fiancée, became a hot topic of conversation after Britain’s royal family announced their engagement on Nov. 16. While several members of the news media tout her as a “modern-day princess,” I wonder what she will bring to the most widely talked about royal family in the world.

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