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‘I knew it was her.’ Student finds vintage image of grandmother

“Looking around I remember that building,” Martha Quintana-Sanchez said as she pointed to the University Student Union. “I remember going when it was first built. This place (the water fountain), I remember sitting here.” Three weeks ago, Quintana-Sanchez’s granddaughter, Elizabeth ...

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A Horrible Case of Writer’s Block

It’s happened.  For the past week I’ve had writer’s block. I like to journal and I tend to be very aware of my feelings at all times.  The truth is not everyone has an interest in knowing how many times ...

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So… Are You Going to Take the Ring to Mordor?

You know in The Lord of the Rings when everyone must decide who will take the one ring to fires of Mount Doom.  The power of the ring leads the men, the elves, and the dwarves to argue over who ...

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