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Fresno State student pleads not guilty to the murder of UCLA student

Fresno State student Alberto Hinojosa Medina pleaded not guilty Tuesday to the murder of a UCLA student, burglary and arson. Medina, who Fresno State confirmed is a double major in pre-psychology and social work, was charged with burglarizing an apartment ...

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Unhealthy air quality alert in effect for Friday

An alert is in effect Friday that warns people to be wary of the poor air quality in Fresno, the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District said. The warning previously only affected people with lung ailments like asthma, but ...

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New alternative transportation aims to abate parking issues

Getting around the Fresno State area will be easier with the new implementation of  transportation programs. Some of these innovations include the Bulldog FAX Program, Zimride, and Enterprise CarShare. “One of the things that’s our goal – both as a ...

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What’s going on around town this weekend?

The Fresno area is buzzing with things to from hanging out in the Tower District to eating locally grown fruit at the Old Town Clovis Farmers Market.  All it takes is a quick Internet search to see what will be ...

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Freshman fun in Fresno just around the corner

Leaving home can be difficult, but it can also be exciting. Moving to a new, unfamiliar place brings new challenges such as, "where is there to go for fun?" Where are the nearest restaurants, movie theatres or shopping malls? Are there any nearby parks or art museums?

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The Collegian’s Vote

In honor of the upcoming Nov. 2 election, The Collegian’s editors voted on candidates and propositions on this year’s ballot. The following recommendations are the results of our “mock” election.

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