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Visually impaired professor advocates for the disabled

William Dailey is walking down a packed hallway through throngs of people with his faithful dog Farley, a black lab that helps him navigate the busy campus of Fresno State. Dailey, a professor of gerontology, is visually impaired.

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Buildings pose complications to some

While most students can simply breeze through a doorway to get to class, some students don’t have that luxury. For liberal studies student Jose Ruiz, sometimes getting the door open to get to class is the biggest challenge.

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Fresno State helps Break Barriers around the world

Break The Barriers is an organization that grew up in a backyard in Fresno but is now known world wide thanks to the big heart of a Fresno State alumna.

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Wayfinders helps students reach goals

Wayfinders is an educational and residential program that gives students with intellectual disabilities an opportunity to pursue a higher education.

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Students look to SCOUT for a helping foot

Disabilities can’t always easily be seen. While a broken leg can keep you from getting to class on time, so can a variety of other disabilities. That’s why Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) and Traffic Operations have teamed up to create a Student Campus Community Transportation Service vehicle (SCOUT).

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Student Q&A with Scott Johnston

Scott Johnston, a California State University, Fresno student, has a very positive outlook in life that was brought on by the things he has achieved despite his disability.

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