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We’re with her: Ready for Madam President

It’s time to end the conservative Republican press spin cycle that tarnishes the value of Hillary Clinton’s long-running history of tireless public service. Clinton has battled negative press cycle time after time and come out of each maintaining her own ...

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Saying the election is ‘rigged’ undermines our democracy

By Troy Pope @troycpope In 2000, I was not old enough to vote, and I didn’t grasp the larger issues in that failed election process. I couldn’t comprehend why Vice President Al Gore didn’t challenge the election decision that favored ...

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Millennials ‘feel the Bern’

This week the Democratic debate took place, and Bernie Sanders proved yet again that he is the candidate for Millennials. While most news stations are reporting Hillary Clinton as the winner of the debate, there is a clear case for ...

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Going Indy

The Census Bureau is making a concerted effort to fully include young people – witness Commerce Secretary Gary Locke’s recent appearance on “The Daily Show.”

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What’s up with the GOP?

The reality that confronts the Republican party and their votaries is one they are not willing to acknowledge.

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Some students lack knowledge when voting

Young voters are a constant target when it comes to voting recruitment; but the question is, do these young voting prospects even know what they’re voting for?

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