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Fresno State welcomes new dean of college of science and mathematics

Dr. Christopher R. Meyer will become the new dean of Fresno State’s College of Science of Mathematics in the summer. Meyer brings a personal knowledge of California’s higher education system. “I am passionate about making a positive impact at Fresno ...

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Saúl Jiménez-Sandoval: an exemplary model of academic success

“An education is a pathway towards self-discovery, towards the shaping of a vision, towards the discovery of who you are as a person in relation to yourself and, before all, in relation to your family and the society,” said the ...

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Saúl Jiménez-Sandoval: un modelo ejemplar del éxito académico

“La educación es un camino hacia un autodescubrimiento, hacia la forjación de una visión, hacia el descubrir quién eres tú como persona en relación a ti mismo ante todo, en relación a tu familia y la sociedad”, dijo el Dr. ...

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Link+ offers wider range of resources

The Henry Madden Library has made available a catalog that allows Fresno State students to access books all over the country in as few as two days.

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Coffee Sticks and Conversation

The Henry Madden Library hosted a reception Thursday for an installation built by artist Jonathan Brilliant. Brilliant’s design is made from around 51,000 coffee stir sticks and coffee-cup sleeves. It resembles a warped tube held up completely by the stick’s ...

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Precedence for presidents

“HOW DO WE beat the bitch?” A South Carolina voter asked Republican candidate John McCain at a campaign event earlier this month.

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