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Lending laptops: Library provides monthly rentals

For several years, students could rent a laptop for only four hours. But because of a no-holds-barred licensing agreement from Linux, units can now be rented for almost a month.

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“21st Century Library”: New food policy to keep building accessible

The Madden Library which re-opened in early 2009, is adopting new policies this semester regarding food and noise. But for new and returning students, no need to worry. There are no merciless librarians standing at the entrance who put their index finger to their lips and hold trash bins up for people to throw out their barely eaten lunches before entering.

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E-reserves to make move

By August, the Henry Madden Library will no longer offer electronic reserves for faculty, according to library officials.

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University project tells veteran stories

With more than four million veterans living in California, Fresno State students have undertaken the task of recording the stories of World War II veterans.

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Library celebrates one year and 1 million

The Fresno State library staff will host an event next week celebrating the one-year anniversary of the opening of the Henry Madden Library.

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1 million on the shelves, ready to go

One million books and counting — the entire Henry Madden Library collection will be on the shelves and ready for checkout at the grand opening on Feb. 20.

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