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Credit cards and college students do not mix

Whether you are purchasing a textbook at the Kennel Bookstore, looking to stock up on groceries at the local supermarket or buying a pack of your favorite gum at a gas station, the process is always the same once the cashier sees you whipping out that piece of plastic from your wallet.

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Credit card debt: a lasting mistake

Not only does turning eighteen mean you can buy cigarettes and adult magazines, but it also means you are lucky enough to have your name added to a database.

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The effects of too much

Overindulgence. For some reason this word has been on my mind lately.

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No signatures needed in The Pit

Rae Ortega, a junior in the pre-physical therapy program, said she is not concerned about paying with credit because her card has her picture on it.
After waiting in the long lunch lines in The Pit, Fresno State students paying with a credit card might not think twice when the cashier sends them on their way without asking for ID or signature.

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New law curbs credit card marketing to college students

The business of offering credit cards to students just got a little harder with the signing of a new law that slaps a number of restrictions on credit card solicitors.

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