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Transferring from community college is underrated

When I think back to 2011 around this time, I am immediately brought back to overwhelming feelings in regards to where I was applying to college. At the time, my close friends were applying to juggernauts like UC Berkeley and ...

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Too many students going to college?

Did that headline get your attention? It sure got mine when I first read it on Tuesday in the Chronicle of Higher Education (which was brought to my attention by esteemed colleague Tony Petersen, making me a thief twice in the same column).

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Splitting time

Some students at California State University, Fresno are shuffling their schedules to make it to classes on campus as well as attending classes at other schools throughout the week.

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Legislature dooms our future

Each of us is familiar with our state’s grim economic situation. Indeed, no Californian is unaffected by the financial upheaval we have experienced in recent years.

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