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The dark abyss of internet comment sections

As a journalist, I’m constantly reading articles from various sources about current events or issues of social justice. I enjoy viewing a topic from multiple perspectives and try to expand my media diet by including reputable sources across the political ...

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Notes & Asides, 9-14-11

This space received some criticism online from commenter Michael: "I see that this platform is turning into a “hit” parade of posters that challenge, which I didn’t see coming when I read the initial post as to why this was created. I find it odd."

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Hate speech takes focus

This past weekend students and members from the Fresno community united for a similar cause, only this time they did not walk out, they stayed in.

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When online, less is more

Can online commenting be placed in the same vein as “water-cooler gossip,” where people who share the same social space escape the humdrum of the work week by gathering around the communal water-dispensing unit during office breaks to discuss the day’s issue?

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