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California higher education: A half-century of the Master Plan

Fifty years ago, a pledge was made to all Californians, one that promised universal access to a college education.

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Senate recommends sustainable education

At the Associated Student, Inc. (ASI) meeting Wednesday, the Senate made strides toward minimizing the burden of expensive textbooks and passed a resolution that will recommend incorporating sustainable education into Fresno State’s general education (GE) curriculum.

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Senate fails to agree on recall standards

At the Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) meeting Wednesday, the senate considered minimum-GPA standards for a Centennial Scholarship Award and the minimum threshold for petition signatures in order to recall senators.

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Our views: Who did we vote for?

Thursday afternoon, the election for Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) mercifully came to a close.

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Who is next?

The race to become Fresno States centennial president is underway.

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Candidates address campus

Candidates running for the 2010-11 Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) president engaged in a formal debate Thursday afternoon to a crowd of nearly 50 people.

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