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Mayor Lee Brand’s first nine months on the job

Nine months into his term, Fresno Mayor Lee Brand gave an update on some of his 2016 mayoral campaign promises, and weighed in on the national issue of immigration. In his office at Fresno City Hall on Sept. 7, Brand ...

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Nationally recognized art professor dead at 67

A nationally recognized art and design professor who was an active part of the Fresno community died Saturday. Dr. Paulette Fleming, 67, joined Fresno State as a faculty member in 1988. Throughout her life, she dedicated herself toward educating the ...

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The art of healing

Art of Life Cancer Foundation held its annual festival on Sunday at Woodward Park and also held the groundbreaking of the Art of Life Healing Garden. Dr. Christopher Perkins is an oncologist and founded the Art of Life Program in 2007. ...

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Preserving Fresno’s history

Rich in culture, diversity and history, Fresno is home to more than 300 historical properties and 3 historical districts. And it is up to the future generation including Fresno State’s students to continue preserving historical landmarks in Fresno, Karana Hattersley-Drayton ...

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CMAC knows how to put on a show

It doesn’t quite have the impact of “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night,” but the city of Fresno refused to be outdone by the big boys of corporate media, and created its own Saturday night TV show, “Live from ...

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If you cant play nice, play roller derby

Until “Whip It” hit theaters last year, talk of women’s roller derby was, well, there was no talk of women’s roller derby league. But if there were, it would most likely stir up images of tattooed misfits on skates in neon fishnets and striped knee-high socks.

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