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To pay his parking ticket, GoFundMe was there

With the stress of midterms and work, the last thing Kevin Lor wanted to see was a parking ticket on his windshield. But one Friday morning in October, the junior anthropology major knew he had taken a risk. Running late ...

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Jaywalking tickets increase at end of each month

At the end of the month the Fresno Police are often patrolling Cedar Avenue and near Bulldog Lane. Motorcycle officers park behind signs, cars and bushes looking for students who are illegally crossing the street.

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UPD stays vague on revenue use

A stream of orange envelopes lying against vehicle windshields is an ordinary picture around Fresno State. But once the ticket is processed and the citation fee is paid, some students are wondering where that money is actually going.

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Citing from JSTOR without breaking a sweat (Part 3 of 3)

If you’re just getting into The Collegian Online’s series on writing a wham-bam term paper, be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 first. For this section, we’ll be working with JSTOR, an online scholarly journal database. Online ...

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Citing a paper without breaking a sweat (Part 2 of 3)

So you just finished the introduction on that big term paper. You're about page-and-a-half in, and have seven pages to go. If it weren’t for the lack of substance, you just know you’d ace it. Hopefully, you’re not such an extreme case — if you don’t actually have any substance, I can’t help you. I mean, I would if I hadn’t already run out of moronitocin suppressants. Citations are hard. This means you should whip one out as often as possible. Your professor will be impressed if you throw two or three in the least-important two-page paper. If not, they'll at least know you're trying to impress them with cheap tricks. Either is good.

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