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Internet censorship comes with a heavy price

Oh, how the Internet has claimed our lives and souls. It seems to drive our fingers with an invisible force as we tap away mindlessly on our mobile phones, tablets and computers. It is now, seemingly, second nature for us ...

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University delegation visits China over summer

Fresno State President Joseph Castro and a group of university representatives visited China over the summer to connect the university with highly recognized Chinese universities through the Legends of China organization. “The primary focus of the recent trip to China ...

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FDA proposes rules to regulate pet food and animal feed

The Food and Drug Administration is proposing new rules to regulate the safety of pet food and animal feed for the first time.

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Chinese Students have reason to dance

Traditional Chinese dancing has never looked so flawless. Fourteen students from the Chinese Student Association practiced two dance routines on Sunday, which they will perform at International Culture Night on Nov. 19.

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The week celebrates Asian culture

Lions, flowers and butterflies came together last week to celebrate the variety of traditions that represent different Asian cultures.

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One-finger salute

China plans to end thousands of years of culinary tradition by taking dogs and cat meat off its menu. A law being drafted against animal abuse, China’s first, calls for the country’s thousands of dog butchers and dog meat restaurants to be closed down.

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