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A day at Vavie and Vovo’s house

The first time I was dropped off at Vavie and Vovo’s house, I cried for an hour. I sat on the kitchen floor and refused to leave no matter how much Vavie tried to coax me to come play. I ...

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‘A Wrinkle in Time’ brings the wonder and imagination of childhood

I remember reading the book “A Wrinkle in Time” by Madeleine L’Engle. I was in the fourth grade. I couldn’t tell you now what it was about even if I tried. Which is funny, because watching the newest movie adaptation ...

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Power Rangers morph into a new generation of superheroes

Since remakes have swept the nation lately, it is easy to have mixed emotions when a childhood favorite is being remade for modern times. Will they destroy the legacy of the show? Or will it be so thrilling it takes ...

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New program to help undocumented students

When it comes to supporting undocumented students there are many options, both within the campus and outside sources. Fresno State’s new Dream Outreach Center will help around 600 undocumented students. The functions of the center will be divided between outreach ...

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9/11 shaped, doesn’t define millennials

The Millennial Generation’s political consciousness became a teenager Thursday, as the hallowed anniversary of one of America’s most tragic days came and passed. Sept. 11 undeniably changed who we are not only as a nation, but as a generation. Now, ...

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As childhood fades, love remains

And so another Valley retail giant bites the dust, and with it, another snippet of my childhood.

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