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What’s so bad about cheating? Come on admit it. Most of us have committed some form of academic dishonesty. Here is the problem. Practicing such fraudulent behavior inhibits the growth of personal integrity, an attribute sought in any career field and by any employer.

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Monogamy: Out of style or just out of practice?

It seems to be an ongoing and embarrassing trend in Hollywood lately: cheating spouses.

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Athletes must self-report cheating

Athletes caught cheating or plagiarizing do not often receive a heavy sentence for first-time offenses; repeat offenses, however, receive less leniency, according to university officials.

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Accused grade hackers: two indicted

Two former Fresno State students were indicted by a federal grand jury in connection with hacking into the university's computer system and changing their grades in the spring 2005 semester.

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Worthless human beings

What’s the deal with cheating these days? I was in Dr. Rosy’s class the other day, and he told us that he turned our papers into Turnitin, the online cheater-busting database. He hadn’t told us that he was going to ...

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