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Letter: How Black Friday is another form of class warfare

Think twice before you ridicule the masses that were waiting in lines outside WalMart and Best Buy the day after, and more frequently, the day of Thanksgiving. While it seems commonplace to crack a joke at the deal-starved lines, ask ...

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A capitalist Christmas story

Walking the aisles of Wal-Mart this week, I was irritated. I wasn’t irritated because of the screaming children and the slightly antiseptic meat smell. I’m immune to all of that by now. I was irritated because there are Christmas ornaments ...

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The capitalism espoused by Rush Limbaugh is a zero-sum fallacy

Rush Limbaugh hasn’t gone too far with his comments about Pope Francis. He’s simply fortified the safe-bunker he’s been building in America’s right-wing soil. On Wednesday, Limbaugh said President Barack Obama was “having an orgasm” over Pope Francis’ recent comments ...

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Journalist addresses culture, politics

The American journalist and author Chris Hedges addressed the culture of consumption, the perils of unfettered free-market capitalism and America’s obsession with celebrity culture before a packed conference room at Fresno State’s Henry Madden Library Wednesday night. Hedges has been ...

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Capitalism: A Love Story

Entertaining and at times tear-jerking, Michael Moore cannonballs into the dirty pool of mortgage and banking, revealing the lust and greed lurking beneath the surface.

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