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Fresno State broadcast students anchor 7-hour global news show

Matt Broughton realized his interruptible feedback (IFB) earpiece had stopped working mid-newscast. He uses the device to communicate with the control room. The senior broadcast student was co-anchoring with fellow student-journalist Mitzi Cardenas during the annual Global News Relay (GNR) ...

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‘Fresno State Focus’ begins airing on Oct. 11

Fresno State Media, Communications and Journalism students will be airing their first public affairs program, “Fresno State Focus,” of the Fall 2017 semester on Oct. 11. The first show will air at 6 p.m. on Comcast channel 94, and will ...

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From Los Banos to the limelight: Paul Loeffler’s journey to being the voice of the Bulldogs

Paul Loeffler, the melodious voice of the Bulldogs, remembers a time when his voice was not so smooth. In fact, it may have been a little high-pitched when he was a young rookie announcing youth football. “The story I always ...

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No room for bias in the press

As a columnist and a reporter, I’ve gotten a lot of backlash for things I’ve written. Dissent and criticism are always a part of writing, no matter what the medium is. I respect the criticism I’ve received from readers because it has helped me to understand the difference between an opinion column and a legitimate news story.

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A new spin on broadcast news

TV news, by and large, is a waste of time. At least that’s what I’ve noticed while watching big news networks like FOX or CNN. As much as I used to love watching the news, it’s getting old. So when ...

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