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Too much of a good thing

With summer around the corner and finals in the books, hours of laying around watching the Office awaits. The idea of being lazy and unproductive on a Wednesday afternoon instead of pulling my hair out in Dr. Rice’s Community Journalism ...

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Retired Fresno State professor showcases the 70-year struggle for LGBT civil rights in book

Lillian Faderman, a retired Fresno State English professor and author, released her new book “The Gay Revolution: The Story of the Struggle,” Sept. 8, as the story of LGBT civil rights in the United States. Federman, who began to write ...

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Professor’s book prepares students for career success

Fresno State public relations instructor Betsy Hays has co-authored a book designed to help college students fully utilize different opportunities in college beyond their coursework.

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Fresno State political science professor publishes book on Indian gaming

On Sept. 14, 2011, a panel discussion was held at Fresno State's Henry Madden Library.  The panel was held to discuss a book, "The New Politics of Indian Gambling."

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Rhyme after rhyme

Fresno State professor Doug Hansen is gleaming with pride over the release of his first children’s book, “Mother Goose in California,” which puts a new spin on numerous classic rhymes.

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A memoir to inspire

When Manuel Peña was a boy, his father asked him, “Where can you send an ox where he does not have to plow?” Peña replied, “This ox is different; this ox will find a place where he does not have to plow.”

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