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Did a “no” vote on the USU referendum matter?

Last week, the New Student Union Leadership Team sent out a campuswide survey to Fresno State students about the possibilities of, you guessed it, a new student union on campus. The survey is straightforward in its nature, and the student ...

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Ballot offers two referendums

ASI referendum Associated Students, Inc. is proposing a referendum to add two additional senate seats to its current body of 15 senators and four executives. The addition would change Article IV of its bylaws. The two proposed senate positions are: ...

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Vote “yes” to a better student experience

By Juan Guzman I am writing in regards to your article “Students seek inspiration for a Bold New U” published Jan 24, 2017. I am glad to hear that Fresno State is considering the possibility of building a Bold New ...

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Students seek inspiration for a Bold New U

San Jose State University has an all new student union and Fresno State is hoping to lead by example and build a brand new student union – the Bold New Union. On Jan. 21, various members of Fresno State took ...

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Amphitheater may not be dead after all

Thank you for the great article on the Fresno State Amphitheater. The Amphitheater is a historic part of Fresno State that has welcomed politicians, musicians and comedians over the years. As Fresno State has evolved and grown, our student needs ...

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New location, new design – new ‘bold’ USU in the making

Fresno State has a new student union, but for the moment it only exists as a few artistic renderings, colorful floor plans and in the minds of a committee of administrators. This “bold new union” and its feasibility were discussed ...

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