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Why these cruelty-free beauty products are my go-to

Some may think cruelty-free beauty products are expensive, don’t work well or smell funny. But, I am here to say, they are not any of those things. You’ll rarely find me in Ulta or Sephora looking for makeup because a ...

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Review: Laneige Brightening Sparkling Water Capsule Mist

  My skincare routine is pretty direct: every day in the shower, I’ll rinse my face with a gentle face wash and then post-shower I’ll spritz a little bit of diluted tea tree oil to keep my face fresh throughout ...

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Professor’s book offers new viewpoint on civil rights era

Beauty has always been a product of culture, but what happens when two very different, ethnically feuding cultures collide? This phenomenon is explored by Dr. Blain Roberts, a history professor at Fresno State, in her new book “Pageants, Parlor, and ...

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The weight of beauty

It’s irrational to believe that one device can possess so much power and have so much influence on my day.

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Beauty on a budget

The slumping economy shows no signs of letting up. Even the most committed “fashionistas” are considering ways to trim spending. That’s OK. You can keep your look, and your money.

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