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Catalytic converters stolen on campus

Just as any other Tuesday, Gina Gittens arrived to her noon class and parked her car in the P6 parking lot next to Woodrow Ave. But unlike any other day when she finished her class and started her car to ...

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Trainings help students prepare for life-or-death situations

“There are three options when being in a crisis situation and those are to run, hide or fight. The best option is always to run,” said Amy Luna, Fresno State’s Emergency Operations Manager. That was the message during emergency training ...

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Campus community raises concerns of safety in buildings

Two weeks ago, the Fresno State community was shaken by a shooting threat on campus. After a suspect posted the threat on social media, campus police were able to track him down immediately, and the threat was averted without any ...

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New gun bill passed intended to prevent school shootings

In the last few months students from college campuses in Oregon, Texas, and Arizona were victims of school shootings. As an aim to prevent future incidents in California, Gov. Jerry Brown passed bill SB 707 that bans anyone from carrying ...

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Fresno State police grant brings electric motorcycles to campus

The Fresno State Police Department received a grant from the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District to purchase three electric motorcycles. The department made the decision to purchase motorcycles in the hopes to not only reduce carbon emissions, but ...

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New campus alert system debuts

The Bulldog Alert system, a new method of emergency notifications, was tested on Sept. 24 in an effort to ensure students are able to receive emergency alert messages in case an immediate threat arises on or near campus. Amy Luna, manager ...

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