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Let’s keep talking about ‘Black Panther’

“Black Panther” is dominating the box office, and capturing the hearts of critics and casual moviegoers alike. It captured my heart, that’s for sure. The film was sound in all aspects: plot, character development, action and salient sociopolitical themes. But ...

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New program to help undocumented students

When it comes to supporting undocumented students there are many options, both within the campus and outside sources. Fresno State’s new Dream Outreach Center will help around 600 undocumented students. The functions of the center will be divided between outreach ...

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Superhero Spoiler Alert

Here’s an in-depth preview at 2014’s upcoming superhero films  Captain America: The Winter Soldier Ever since the year 2000, superheroes have dominated the big screen. Director Bryan Singer led the way with X-Men, which was soon followed by Director Sam ...

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‘Iron Man 3’ review: Tony Stark can’t save this story

Oh “Iron Man 3,” what a disappointment you are.

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‘Killer Elite’ an exciting, different kind of action movie

When one sees the tagline "Based on a true story" one  can't help but wonder if it is in fact true.  The latest action thriller, "Killer Elite" is allegedly based on true events.

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‘Colombiana’ combines action and suspense to create a perfect blend

'Colombiana' has the formula for the typical revenge movie. A woman seeks revenge on the criminals responsible for the death of her parents. But this movie shows enough potential to be different.

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