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Dear Mr. President, do you not know?

In his address to the graduating class of Ohio State University, President Barack Obama offered this insightful perspective on government tyranny: “Still, you’ll hear voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate, sinister entity that’s the ...

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Ridiculous ‘rain tax’

In the strangeness of a warped reality, the predictions of my father are slowly coming true. I can remember him telling me once when I was a boy that, “one day, government will be taxing the air we breathe,” in ...

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Overtaxation with representation

‘Tis the season to pay taxes. It was a hot August afternoon, a Wednesday as I recall, when a large crowd gathered under that large elm tree at the corner of Essex and Washington streets.

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The Benghazi Explanation

Like many Americans, my concerns over the lack of adequate security in Benghazi — due to failures within the State Department to protect Ambassador Stevens — created more questions than answers.

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Foreign policy and your vote

In good times, the decision to vote, or not to vote, is as carefree as the winds of freedom gently blowing through the trees. For in good times, not much can go wrong, and regardless of who wins, the tree ...

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