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Residential Dining Hall negligent to students’ needs

A quiet buzz has begun among University Courtyard residents this week. The paper cups have been taken away, and we will not stand for it. Allow me to explain. Talk to residents of University Courtyard, and you will hear that ...

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First City Fest Rocks Its Second Year

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.; Mr. Little Jeans; Miniature Tigers; Future Islands: Depending on your taste in music, these might look like arbitrary words strung together, or you might recognize them as the names of some up-and-coming bands that performed at ...

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First day: Monotonous syllabus review

I’m generally not one to complain about a chance to get out of class after only 20 minutes. However, I’m going to do just that by complaining about this phenomenon in that is “syllabus days,” because it’s worth questioning. What ...

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The idle society: Why the Puritans had the right idea

Do the math: Seven hours of taking care of two two-year-olds equals 100% exhaustion. So, after taking care of my twin niece and nephew all afternoon with my mom, I sat down to relax after putting them to bed at ...

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