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Students share their Super Bowl plans, traditions and memories

While some students have to work during the Super Bowl, or others simply don’t care, the big game has its way of creating memories by bringing friends and family together.

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Slippery when wet

With the slippery roads and low visibility caused by the rain and fog, many drivers can argue that driving in the winter weather conditions can increase the likelihood of a car accident.

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Wong Fu raises awareness of Asian-American stereotypes

To close Diversity Awareness Week 2010, Amerasia organization teamed up with the brothers of Chi Rho Omicron (XPO) and hosted an event to raise awareness of Asian-American stereotypes in mainstream media.

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Hip-hop History

If you tuned into a hip-hop radio station, songs like “Tik Tok,” where rapper Ke$ha sings about brushing her teeth with a bottle of Jack Daniels, and “how Low” where rapper Ludacris’ rhymes about someone getting low on the dance floor—Fresno State senior Idrees Gill’s music is nothing like that.

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Almost Phaymus

Tired of buying brands that don’t impress, Allen Robateau, 19, created his own clothing line — Phaymus Lifestyle.

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