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Kirby wants his shortcake

One day, cute little Kirby was having a picnic with his favorite snack, strawberry shortcake. Suddenly, the cake vanished. That’s where the latest game in Nintendo’s Kirby series starts. “Kirby Squeak Squad� for Nintendo DS is an enjoyable and adorable ...

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“Perfect Stranger� lacks thrills

In “Perfect Stranger,� a gutsy New York journalist, Rowena, sets out to solve the murder of Grace, her childhood friend. With the help of her computer expert friend, Miles, played by Giovanni Ribisi, she uses the anonymity of the Internet ...

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American food industry could benefit from Japanese example

YOU’VE GOT A craving for coffee, so you go to Starbucks for a Venti Caramel Frappuccino. It’s 24 ounces of sugar and caffeine, for a total of 530 calories — one third to one fourth of the daily recommended caloric ...

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“Mimzy” tries to send world a message

There are many mysteries in “The Last Mimzy” that need to be solved. What are the strange toys? What message did they bring with them? Why are there so many ideas that seem out of place? “Mimzy” borrows ideas from ...

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Sewing and cooking: lament for the lost art of creation

LAST SEMESTER, I worked as an English tutor while I was an exchange student in Japan. In Japan, you will inevitably be asked what your hobby is. The head English teacher asked everyone this question: “What’s your hobby?� “I like ...

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