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Local high school theatre students buzz hair for roles

When an actor has packed on an extra 30 pounds or an actress has shaved her head for a leading role, some may rationalize the action by quoting the amount of money they will be getting for it. But how do we rationalize it for a local high school’s play?

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Silent auction supports autism awareness, raises funding

A fundraiser for the Central California Autism Center was held Saturday night in hopes to raise money for an expansion of the program. While guests browsed the auction tables, a live band played in the background.

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Are blood diamonds a thing of the past?

Christmas is right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about buying gifts for loved ones. A popular gift is jewelry, preferably diamonds. The thought of buying, or receiving one, from a loved one may momentarily excite you, but considering the incidents those diamonds may have encountered on their way into your hands might make you think twice.

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The new rooster in the coop

How do owners set their restaurant apart from all the rest? A good first part to start would be the name.

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A new attempt for Equal Rights

The United States prides itself on the notion of liberty and justice for all, but when it's still struggling to ratify an amendment that simply seeks equality for half the population, one must ask, exactly whom does “all” include?

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