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Students share common pathways

Bicycles and skateboards are a common mode of transportation for students around campus. Pathways around and through college grounds must accommodate enough space for pedestrians and bicyclists, as well as the safety of all surrounding students.

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Smoking policy gets cleared up

While Fresno State policy limits the smoking population to designated smoking areas, not all students are aware they exist.

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Coyotes find home in campus farm

While most students associate Fresno State with professors, tests and difficult times trying to find a parking spot, the thousand plus acres of farmland hide secrets of lurking wildlife, coyotes being among the most recent.

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‘Sin City’ park poses threat to students

When students attend Fresno State, their primary worries might consist of an upcoming test, balancing a job and schoolwork and when the next big party will happen. However, some students are forced to live with a much more grim problem affecting their safety as well as the security of their property.

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Bulldog Pride: Where’s your style?

Fresno State fans wear Bulldog attire to show school spirit.

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