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Rocking out to make an impact

Last year, they asked Fresno State to go green and to “Turn Off the Lights.” This year they pose this question — “What impact Will You Make?”

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Go green

Maira De La O (left) hands out T-shirts and energy-efficient Energy Star light bulbs to students in front of the University Center Nov. 13 for the ongoing Go Green campaign. The conservation project lasts the whole month of November. De La O and other students participated in the campaign as part of their Public Relations Cases and Campaigns class.
Fresno State was caught green handed. Fresno State went green this month with an energy saving campaign that started in the fall of 2006. Professors Tamyra Pierce, Ph.D., Betsy Hays and Jan Edwards said the campaign has exceeded their expectations, lasting three semesters and possibly more.

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Fresno State’s award-winning wine

Many of the Fresno State Winery’s award-winning wines were displayed at the winery’s 10-year anniversary on Nov. 3. 'Tailgate Red is our most popular wine,' marketing manager Jessup Wiley said. 'It’s a local favorite and people love to support the university.'
An array of orange, blue, yellow, pink and red ribbons are displayed behind a glass case. Articles with large font reading “Best of Class” and “Best of Region” line the four walls; this is the Fresno State University’s winery.

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Fresno State to host Race for the Cure

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, and Fresno State is doing its part to commemorate the word “awareness.”

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