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Website helps students stay on track

There is a time each spring and fall semester when advising offices are on overload as students scramble to pull their schedules together for the upcoming year. A young website,, offers its support to students as an extra leg to stand on.

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Lyles Center hatches entrepreneurs

Not many college students are able to utter the words “We can meet in my office,” but for some of the entrepreneurship majors at Fresno State, the words just flow right out.

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Services for students with disabilities fly under radar

Though most, if not all, professors include some information regarding Services for Students with Disabilities in their syllabi, not nearly as many students take notice, or advantage, of the services.

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Identity theft poses as a risk to some students

The consistent modernization and sophistication of the Internet, as well as general technology, can be paired with the refinement of different types of identity theft. Identity theft is becoming a concern among some college students.

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Changes to GRE could affect students’ futures

Students applying to graduate schools could potentially be affected by the upcoming revisions to the Graduate Record Exam, more commonly known as the GRE. Graduate programs review a student’s GRE scores to determine his or her readiness for graduate-level work. ...

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