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A studio of their own

Many people think of feminists as being anti-male, whiny or hateful but Fresno State art and design professor Dr. Laura Meyer’s disagrees. “What I think feminism is about is an assertion of women’s humanity, equal rights and a responsibility to express yourself while having full citizenship in the world.”

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Deflated athletics budget forces teams to prioritize

Feeling the pressures of the budget cuts Fresno State’s athletic department and athletic teams have been forced to re-evaluate their spending. “Our budget is normally a little over $25 million and this year it will be somewhere a little over $23 million,” said Director of Athletics Thomas Boeh.

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Cross country star Garcia may have met his match

Fresno State’s long distance running star Erick Garcia is preparing for the 2009 track and field season, and this year he has a new running partner, Paul Zwama, who will help him take the team to a new level.

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