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Student protestors vent

A romanticized protest reminiscent of the 1960s reemerged at Fresno State Wednesday at “Vent At the Tent”. Organizers set up a blue tent near the fountain and asked students to vent their frustrations over higher tuition, less classes, and the financial struggles they’re enduring.

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Transform your dorm

Turning a dorm room into a personal oasis can be challenging enough, let alone having to keep organized and up to date with trends. Many college students experience living on their own for the first time in a sparsely furnished dorm room.

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What makes Fresno State Great?

In a recent survey of the year’s best public colleges published by Forbes magazine, Fresno State ranked 91 out of the nation’s top 100 public colleges. The article’s main criteria that determined the top schools list was how well a school catered to its student body.

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