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Singing the oranges and blues

Eye the competition for a leg up

Gloria moves to round of 16

Eye the competition for a leg up

Gambling with a no-name at the right time can pay off

By John Gus
The Collegian

Each week when you are choosing your lineup it is important to look at your opponent’s starters.

Their roster can help dictate which direction your lineup should go in. If you are playing a team that is putting up a lot of points then you may have to take a gamble on a guy who may flop, but could also steal the show.

It works the same if your opponent is starting a no-namer. So, if they plug in Drew Carter, feel free to take a chance on a guy like Bengals WR Chris Henry or Rams WR Kevin Curtis.

Even though both WRs are the #3 option on their team, if they come up small then you won’t really feel it because the chances are Drew Carter won’t put up more than 5 points, but if it works out like it would have last week, you would have gained a substantial amount of points on your opponent.

The point is, even though you are playing head to head against someone, look at how your starters compare to theirs.

If you can win at the individual positions, then you will score more points. And as we all know, if you score more points, you win the game.

There are five regular season games left, keep working the waiver wire, Bronco’s RB Mike Bell, Seattle QB Seneca Wallace, Chief’s QB Trent Green, Jaguar’s QB David Garrard, and Texan’s RB Wali Lundy should all be available and could help you out down the stretch. If your team has lost all hope for the season, well, there’s always fantasy basketball, but for those that still stand a chance,


1. M. Bulger (STL) vs. KC – Rams at home are dangerous.
2. P. Manning (IND) at NE – Modern day Marino (Manning) vs. Montana (Brady) here.
3. E. Manning (NYG) vs. HOU – Eli should have no trouble here.
4. M. Vick (ATL) at DET – Vick finally looking like a passer.
5. D. Brees (NO) at TB – The Saints have to throw to win, so expect another solid week.
6. J. Kitna (DET) vs. ATL – Kitna and Co. will relied upon to produce for Lions to keep up with Vick.
7. C. Palmer (CIN) at BAL – Carson doing well despite not playing his best.
8. T. Brady (NE) vs. IND – The Colts can be run on, so look for average production unless it turns into a shootout.
9. R. Grossman (CHI) vs. MIA – Miami’s D is decent, but Bears’ offense will have plenty of chances.
10. P. Rivers (SD) vs. CLE – As long as teams focus on LT, Rivers will be solid.
Honorable Mentions – B. Favre (GB) at BUF, S. McNair (BAL) vs. CIN, A. Smith (SF) vs. MIN, T. Romo (DAL) at WAS

Running Back
1. T. Holt (STL) vs. KC – “Big Game” lives up to his nickname here.
2. P. Burress (NYG) vs. HOU – Size and ability will be too much for Texans secondary.
3. T. Owens (DAL) – Little T is having lots of fun with his new friend Tony.
4. R. Williams (DET) vs. ATL – Off the bye, he should soar about the Falcons D.
5. A. Johnson (HOU) at NYG – Doesn’t matter who’s playing QB, he gets it done.
6. M. Harrison (IND) at NE – Wayne scoring 3 times to his zero is annoying, but you can’t sit him ever.
7. C. Johnson (CIN) at BAL – ¡Ocho Cinco es bueno!
8. J. Walker (DEN) at PIT – Steelers are struggling, and he’s usually good for a big play or two.
9. D. Jackson (SEA) vs. OAK – Injuries to Hasslebeck and Alexander not slowing DJack down.
10. R. Wayne (IND) at NE – Hard to sit him after last week’s clinic against one of the NFL’s best defenses.
Honorable Mentions – A. Bryant (SF) vs. MIN, M. Colston (NO) at TB, L. Evans (BUF) vs. GB, T. Housmanzadeh (CIN) at BAL

1. J. Wilkins (STL) vs. KC
2. R. Gould (CHI) vs. MIA
3. A. Vinatieri (IND) at NE
4. J. Feely (NYG) vs. HOU
5. J. Elam (DEN) at PIT
6. N. Kaeding (SD) vs. CLE
7. J. Brown (SEA) vs. OAK
8. R. Longwell (MIN) at SF
9. M. Vanderjagt (DAL) at WAS
10. J. Scobee (JAC) vs. TEN

Tight End
1. A. Crumpler (ATL) at DET
2. T. Gonzalez (KC) at STL
3. J. Shockey (NYG) vs. HOU
4. J. Witten (DAL) at WAS
5. D. Clark (CHI) vs. MIA
6. T. Heap (BAL) vs. CIN
7. A. Gates (SD) vs. CLE
8. K. Winslow (CLE) at SD
9. B. Watson (NE) vs. IND
10. C. Cooley (WAS) vs. DAL

Defense/Special Teams
1. Broncos
2. Bears
3. Chargers
4. Jaguars
5. Vikings
6. Giants
7. Ravens
8. Steelers
9. Cowboys
10. Raiders


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