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9/8/04 • Vol. 129, No. 7

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Terror is in the ‘M' word

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Terror is in the ‘M' word

Three hundred and thirty -three men, women and children is the latest body count coming out of Beslan, Russia. Weeks before, two Russian jet liners crashed because of explosives planted by terrorists. This time, however, it was aimed directly at the most defenseless of society– elementary school children and their parents on the first day of school.

Sadly, it caused no impact here in the states nor did it surprise anyone when children were shot in the back as they fled.

But what kind of terrorists are they if anyone had cared enough to ask that is? A quick glance in the newspaper, Associated Press or Reuters will provide the easier answer: Chechen rebels, separatists and freedom fighters are the answers you will most likely find. On the other hand, you're very lucky if you find the “M” word, the press' new   taboo word of the week, usually in the last paragraph of any relating article. Nor will you find an article drawing connections between these Chechen freedom fighters and al-Qaida. And to those who think America is the cause of the world's problems, believe it or not al-Qaida wants to kill in other Western countries, as well.

Now why is it that the media seems so reluctant to use the “M” word? The fear of racial insensitivity, maybe? Perhaps those in charge fear a backlash here in the states against themuslim community? Or perhaps the liberal media does not want to draw any parallel between President Bush's global war on terror and what happen last week. Cheap shot at the media aside, at a time when the American Civil Liberties Union and other human rights groups are screaming bloody murder over racial profiling, it is understandable that maybe those in the media fear being labeled as racists.

Never mind that as these “ freedom fighters” entered the school they chanted “Allah Ackbar”. Never mind that all recent terrorist attacks on civilians worldwide in the past few years have been carried out by muslims. Dare I mention September 11?

But let us forget about such acts, in the name of political correctness and racial understanding. For it is only a minority who believe it is the duty of every able-bodied muslims to kill Westerners.