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9/8/04 • Vol. 129, No. 7

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Wilderness at battle with fat and money hungry

Thoughts from the doghouse returns

Terror is in the ‘M' word

Can't get enough Moore

Can't get enough Moore


It is an election year again and each side is levying for media coverage.   The Republican Party conducts “smear tactics” and for the Democrats there is Michael Moore.

  Many know Moore for his Oscar winning documentary “ Bowling for Columbine.” However most know him as the belligerent bearded filmmaker who is an outspoken pro-Democrat.  

Yet, however you refer to him just uttering his name already allows his strangle hold of liberalism to squeeze that much tighter. Michael Moore is the name most Republicans follow with quick jabs or speak of in harsh tones.   But, should we regard Moore in such a terrible light?  

His message has always been “unflinchingly clear” remove Bush from office.”  

It does not flip-flop like Kerry's or hide behind false assumptions like Bush it is a constant.

The latest backlash against Moore is due to his film “Fahrenheit 911.”   The film is a “documentary” of the current state of America, both foreign and domestic, after the terrorist attacks.   And although it is labeled as a documentary it has many moments were it crosses the line into becoming piece of anti-Bush propaganda.       

The tone if the film repeatedly attacks the image of the president and his choice to go to war.   But it is his film and it does not sway from his own constant message.

Now some might say that this film is unfit to be paraded around the country during this election period.   But didn't the Republican Party attempt to have the trials of the Iraq war criminals televised during this election period: namely that of Saddam Hussein.  

Is this not Republican propaganda?  

It may not be as blatant as “Fahrenheit 911”, but they would have been toted as a Republican trophy nonetheless.  

Even more, those captured criminals do not belong to the Republican Party, and as such should not used as a cheap media pawn.

Lastly, before you judge Michael Moore make sure you understand one thing.   Whether you love him or hate him, just mentioning his name will always allow for his liberalist ideas to creep in.   If you need an example look no further than that of the Republican National Convention.  

Where at the convention Sen. John McCain looked to give a rallying speech for the Republican party, and in doing so tried to score points by   taking hot shots at Moore's film.   Unbeknownst to McCain, Moore was in the building writing a column for USA Today and was able to hear McCain's speech.

Those images that McCain spoke of were not even in the released version of the film and were ones that his staff had downloaded from the Internet.  

Moore, always the opportunist was able to take this lack of thought and preparation and score points with potential voters on the “Tonight Show with David Letterman.”

  So for all those right-wing conservatists who say they will never watch, “ Fahrenheit 911”, so as not to give Moore any monetary assistance and then go home and download it off Napster (you know who you are), just be proud that even you too are unwittingly helping to spread his message.