Special Issues, Spring 2013


Jan. 23, 2013

Ad deadline: Wednesday, Jan. 17

Art due: Thursday, Jan. 16


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Don’t forget to welcome back the students, faculty and staff at Fresno State. Let them know how your products and/or services can make their lives easier as they get back into the daily grind. Winter break is short this year, so don’t delay placing your ads!


Feb. 13, 2013

Ad deadline: Monday, Feb. 6

Art due: Tuesday, Feb. 7


Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are our advertisers! Everyone will be looking for Valentine’s gifts and cards for his or her sweetheart and friends. Let our readers know what gifts you have that are sure to please a special someone!


Feb. 15, 2013

Ad deadline: Monday, Feb. 6

Art due: Wednesday, Feb. 8


Spring sports come early in the Central Valley and so does this special section featuring Fresno State’s athletes and sports. Don’t miss this opportunity to advertise with The Collegian because everything and anything associated with sports is sure to appeal to our readers. Fresno: Where the outdoors is a way of life!



March 22, 2013

Ad deadline: Monday, March 15

Art due: Wednesday, March 18

Each year more and more students celebrate St. Patrick’s day. They have parties, which means buying party decorations and favors. And, they love dressing in green – from hats to shirts to pants to socks to accessories! Why not be part of the St. Patty’s fun and advertise with The Collegian. Top o’ the morning to you!




March 20, 2013

Ad deadline: Wednesday, March 13

Art due: Friday, March 15


This special issue ties in with The Collegian Online’s sponsorship of the Associated Students Presidential Debate. The half-hour debate is also televised on Fresno State’s student-run cable channel, Comcast Ch. 96. Your best bet is to purchase a package of both online and print ads. This is a great opportunity to support student government!



March 22, 2013

Ad deadline: Wednesday, March 15

Art due: Thursday, March 18


Vacation time is near and everyone has items to buy before taking time off. Some people travel out of town while others stay at home and rest. No matter how the time is spent, one thing is for sure, it’s time to shop!




April 10, 2012

Ad deadline: Wednesday, March 3

Art due: Thursday, April 5

This issue could also be called “Entertainment Guide,” but “Guide to your fun!” draws more attention from students. With a recessionary period, students spend more time in town on evenings and weekends. Make sure they spend their money at your establishment by advertising in this special, well-read section!





May 8, 2012

Ad deadline: Wednesday, May 1

Art due: Thursday, May 3


They’ve done it! All the studying and perseverance paid off, and another class is graduating from California State University, Fresno. Tell our readers what gifts you have for celebrating this once-in-a-lifetime event… Make it an occasion to remember!

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