Approval / RefusalAll advertisements are subject to the approval of The Collegian. The Collegian reserves the right to refuse advertising which has obscene, sexist, racist or other content deemed by The Collegian to be otherwise inappropriate.The Collegian does not accept advertising that promotes irresponsible, excessive or illegal drinking of alcoholic beverages. In consideration of the University’s Alcoholic Sponsorship Policy, The Collegian does not accept advertising that promotes the prices of alcoholic beverages (e.g., reduced prices, drink specials, two-for-one drinks, etc.)

Additionally, the words “[name of advertiser] promotes responsible drinking” must be included in any ad that mentions alcoholic beverages, and those words must be displayed prominently and be readable.

The Collegian does not accept advertising that is designed to sell or promote the following:

  • All tobacco products, including hooka.
  • Gambling of any kind, including sports gambling.
  • Entertainment and services involving or suggesting predominantly sexual themes, including erotic dancers, strip tease shows and phone sex.
  • Term papers or other academic work deemed to encourage student cheating.

All subject matter is contingent on the approval of The Collegian. This includes the form, size and text of ads. Also subject to approval are the illustrations and typography used in ads.

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Additional Information
The Collegian also reserves the right to request additional information including but not limited to the following: business address, website address, business phone and fax numbers, email address and credit references.Page Placement
Page placement for the back page is $100. Back-page ads must be in color, and the advertiser will be charged for the color in addition to the $100 page-placement charge. Cost of color is as follows: $300 for a full-page ad, $150 for a half page and $75 for a quarter page or smaller ad. No other page placement is available.Ads Simulating News Copy
Advertisements simulating news copy must be marked with the words “Paid Advertisement.”

Advertiser’s Signed Approval on Art
The advertiser is responsible for all art, including ads designed by the advertiser. The advertiser shall review and signify approval on ads designed by The Collegian by signing on the ad before it is published. Signed approval shall include any and all revisions performed by The Collegian. The Collegian shall, therefore, not be liable for any error in an ad that has been “signed off.”

Size of Submitted Ads
The Collegian does not stretch or shrink ads to fit the space sold. It will, at the advertiser’s request, float ads that are too small. (A floated ad is one that is placed in a larger, standard-sized space.)

Collegian Errors
In the event of an error in an ad on the part of The Collegian, the liability of The Collegian will be limited. Partial credit will be given when the effectiveness of the ad is reduced. Full credit or a “make-good” will be given when the error negates the effectiveness of the ad or when an incorrect insertion date occurs. (A make-good is defined as a re-publication of an ad.)

In no event shall The Collegian be liable for any consequential damages relative to the advertising art or for damages in excess of the cost of the ad.


  • Signed authorization on the insertion order constitutes a contract for an advertisement. As such, the ad will be paid in full by the advertiser, which is represented by the signature on the insertion order.
  • A signed discounted contract constitutes an agreement for bulk inches. When contract inches are not met, the advertiser will pay the actual earned rate.


  • Inserts are not accepted.
  • Ads less than 4 column inches are not accepted.
  • Rates shown are for Run of Paper (ROP) placement.
  • All ads must have a border.


  • All advertisers must pay in advance.
  • All checks are payable to The Collegian
  • Credit cards cannot be accepted.
  • A $20 charge will be assessed for all returned checks.
  • Tear sheets and ad sheets are mailed weekly.
  • For questions regarding payment, please contact the financial manager at (559) 278-5735.

Send Payment To:
The Collegian
California State University, Fresno
5201 N. Maple Ave., M/S SA42
Fresno, CA 93740-8027

Financial Manager:
Toni A. Carmona
5201 N. Maple, M/S SA42
Fresno, CA 93740-8027
(559) 278-5735