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California State University, Fresno, has approximately 21,000 students – 17,876 undergraduate students (18-34), 2,372 graduate students (25-54) and 684 post baccalaureate students (25-54). Approximately 2,100 faculty and staff (25-54, 55+) work on campus.


The Collegian reaches an extremely diverse audience. Fresno State’s ethnicity breaks down, as follows: 32.6% White, 36.1% Hispanic, 14.8 % Asian, 5% African-American, 1.9% International, 0.6% Native American (9% unknown).


The Collegian publishes its print edition on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (excluding holidays and Mondays after a holiday). Five thousand (5,000) copies are distributed across the campus. Many of those copies are left in classrooms and restaurants on campus where they are re-read by other students, staff and faculty.

Collegian Size

The Collegian is a tabloid paper. It measures 10 standard inches across (5 column inches, about 2 inches per column) by 16 standard inches high, for a total of 80 column inches per page (5 columns x 16 inches = 80c”).

Cost of Newspaper

The newspaper is free for all students, faculty and staff.


Advertising rates are calculated by the number of column inches per ad and the frequency of times the ad is placed. The more frequently an ad runs, the cheaper the rate-per-inch becomes. Please see our Bulk rates on the Print Rates page.


The Collegian focuses on student issues and contains four main sections: Arts & Entertainment, News, Opinion and Sports. Four ethnic supplements each publish twice a semester. They are Asian Pacific Review (Asian), Hye Sharzhoom (Armenian), La Voz De Aztlan (Hispanic) and Uhuru Na Umoja (African-American).

Fresno State Fast Facts
Publication Schedule Fall 2012-Spring 2013

How to advertise in The Collegian

• Insertion orders must be signed and dated one (1) week in advance of publication date.
• Artwork and payment are due seven (7) days before the insertion date.
• All art must be in electronic format (disk or e-mail, EPS or PDF).
• Payment should be made by either cash or check.


“We’ve had a great experience working with The Collegian because its staff is professional, diligent and responsible. I know they will get the job done. We look forward to doing business with The Collegian in the future”

–Tara Powers

“The Kennel Bookstore has tried all kinds of advertising and nothing has been as effective for us as advertising in The Collegian. The price is affordable, the staff helpful, and most of all… effective.”

– Ron Durham, Kennel Bookstore
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“Being from an organization on campus, it was very student-friendly and there was
no hassle.”

“The Collegian staff was very nice and helpful and willing to work with me in
submitting an ad at the last minute.”

“The ad that I placed in The Collegian generated a great response for my event. We
had 50 people show up to our event.“

–Britni Hicks, Vice President of Alpha Kappa Psi , Business Fraternity

“I was very pleased with the process of placing an ad in The Collegian last semester.
I thought the service was excellent, and also working with students to develop the
ad. All in all I was pleased with the experience.”

–Professor Barlow, Armenian Studies Program

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