Oct 23, 2019
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Any Tips for Dating in College?

I’m starting my second year in college after the summer break. Somehow, I managed to avoid dating in the first year so that I could focus on my studies and get accustomed to living the college life. Now that I’m going into my sophomore year, I’m ready to get out and start dating again. The only problem is that I feel completely out of the loop. Do you have any tips or advice?

It can be difficult to avoid the dating scene when you’re in college, so great work focusing on your studies. After all, you are attending college to learn and that should be your main focus. But you’re also entitled to have a life, and now that you’re settled in, you’ll probably be able to handle dating pretty well.

There are a few things I would recommend. For starters, it’s probably best to avoid dating anyone who lives in your building. If things go sour and your relationship ends badly, you’ll be forced to see each other on a regular basis. That may be awkward and frustrating.

If you do find someone that you’re really interested in and you start dating exclusively, don’t disconnect from the rest of the world. It’s all too easy, to just focus all of your time and energy on your significant other, but you’ll lose friends along the way – friends who would have been there for you long after your relationship ended.

That brings me to my next point: don’t take college romances so seriously. It’s great if you find the one while you’re in college, but it’s a pretty rare thing. Enjoy your time. Date around. Make friends. Make the most of your time – while still being responsible and studying – before you’re forced out into the real world. You have plenty of time to find your forever partner after you graduate.

With that said, if you do find someone that you have a deep connection with and the relationship makes you happy, don’t risk it on college hook-ups. Yes, college is about having fun and experimenting, but don’t ruin a potentially serious relationship for the sake of playing the field.

If it’s been a while since you dated, you may be concerned about having sex. There’s a good chance that you’ll reach a point where you at least think about having sex with one your dates. If you haven’t been intimate with someone in a while, that first time may not be what you expect. I don’t imagine that you’ll need Viagra to get into the mood, but you may want to take things slow. Always make sure that you’re practicing safe sex even if you and your partner are exclusive.

We could go on and on about dating advice, but here’s the most important thing to take away: don’t date if you’re not into anyone. Don’t just date people for the sake of dating people. If you’re not into anyone, just stay single until you find someone who is worth your time. It’s okay not to date.

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