Aug 24, 2019

What to Buy Your Dad for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming: the day we all seem to forget. Research shows that most people get their mother something for Mother’s Day, but we aren’t nearly so generous with our fathers on Father’s Day. Doesn’t your dad deserve something a little special?

If you’re having a hard time deciding what to get him, why not set him up for a whole day of fun and relaxation?

A day of fishing

Lots of dads would love a day off, so why not set him up with everything he needs to enjoy a day of fishing? Conspire with his boss to get him the day off and make sure he has the food and drink he needs. Then top it off with one of these great gifts to help him fish or make his day more comfortable.

Handy fishing accessories

If your dad likes to fish, he’s probably already got tackle, lures, and a rod and reel. Here are some things he probably doesn’t have:

Dry bag

Once you’ve put all your gear in a dry bag, you don’t have to worry about it getting wet ever again. It’s the perfect gift for a fisherman who would rather be paying attention to the fish than to keeping his stuff out of the water.

Fishing pliers

This is a piece of gear that gets overlooked easily. You don’t know you need them until you suddenly do: to pull out a hook, cut a line quickly, change out split rings, or bend something. Bad pliers rust and present a hazard when you’re digging through a gearbox. Give your dad a good pair of fishing pliers.

Bait towel

No matter what bait your dad is using for his fish, it’s all just a bit icky. Baiting hooks makes the hands wet and slippery, and a microfiber bait towel hooks onto the belt and provides a great place to wipe hands off whenever you need.

Fish finder

The dream is being able to see where the fish are, and that’s just what you get with a Bluetooth fish finder. It uses sonar to read what’s in the water down to 135 feet, so dad can go right where the fish are biting.

Making the day nicer

A long day of fishing can get uncomfortable, so here are some ideas for gifts that can make your dad’s day off extra pleasant.

Camping chair backpack

This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the outdoors. It’s a backpack, but it also holds an insulated cooler for live bait or snacks. Once you take it off, it transforms into a stool so you can fish from the shore or sit and enjoy a drink later in the day.

Camping coffee press

A lot of fishermen want to be out on the water before dawn even breaks. The only problem with this is getting your coffee. A camp coffee press works perfectly, doesn’t leak, and keeps the coffee warm. If you want to make it really special, add on a coffee subscription gift box so he’ll have fresh coffee to take with him all year.

Great gloves

If your dad likes to fish where and when it’s cold, get him a great pair of gloves. Many fishermen hate gloves for the way they make it impossible to bait lines or work the reel. Neoprene winter gloves get around all that and offer both warmth and a great grip.

Neoprene wading shoes

Neoprene wading shoes keep your feet warm for in cool water, and they make it safe to wade through all kinds of conditions. Your dad won’t be getting rocks and sand in his feet, either.

It’s dad’s special day. Let him know you care and how much you think of him by planning gifts and a day that he’ll truly enjoy.

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