May 26, 2019

How to Throw a Bachelor Party That Everyone Will Enjoy

There is so much more to a bachelor party than simply getting drunk in some dingy bar. Your bachelor party should be an epic event that you and your closest friends will remember for a lifetime, without a cliché in sight. Here are just a few ways to do that.

Plan the whole thing from scratch

Set up your apartment or a rented place for a full night of fun. This is a time-consuming way to set up a party, but it also means the most because it’s the most personalized. Start by planning a theme: from “seven deadly sins” to “bluegrass and bourbon”, once you find a theme, decorations and planning come more easily.

When you’re throwing a bachelor’s party at your own place, novelty items and party accessories are key. They should fit the theme, be personalized to the event, and make the night more fun. They should also contribute to the decorating scheme.

Plan out the food, make sure you’ve got activities planned, and don’t skimp on the drinks. This isn’t the time for cheap booze. Book someone from a craft brewery to bring by some suds and help you understand what’s special about it. Hire a professional whisky taster to line up an evening of sophisticated frivolity.

Plan a road trip

There’s no male bonding activity quite as all-American as hitting the open road. Grab the guys and some motorcycles (or just a nice car) and take off. There are some iconic American road trips that every man should make once in a lifetime.

From riding the coastal highway from California through to Washington, to taking your time along the Blue Ridge Parkway, the United States is not short on great places to see from vehicles. Don’t forget Route 66, the Adirondacks, or tours of the small town South.

If you have plenty of time, try a big trip from Montana through the Canadian Rockies to Alaska. You’re guaranteed to see lot of wildlife, stand in awe at breathtaking vistas, and take enough photos to adorn your desktop for a lifetime or two.

Take a trip abroad

If you and the guys love fishing, hiking, and the outdoors, a trip to Iceland could make for the best bachelor party you’ll ever go on. Iceland isn’t that far away and tourism is one of the country’s biggest industries, meaning they’re motivated to help you have a great time.

While there, you can hike glaciers, step into a volcano, ride horses along the black sand beaches, and soak away a day of soreness in the natural hot springs fed by a network of geothermal activity.

And don’t forget to take a city beer tour, try burgers made from reindeer, and check the vibrant nightlife of Reykjavik.

Fun for the groupies

If you and the guys are big music fans, then why not make a trip to attend a music festival? There are several American cities that host awesome music festivals, and the cities are spread out enough that you can choose one with the vibe you enjoy.

Austin, TX has a two festivals a year: Austin City Limits and the SXSW. Nashville, TN is another good choice. There’s always something going on in Nashville at any time of year, and you can also catch Broadway shows while you’re there.

If you want a stronger urban vibe, check out Chicago. The yearly Chicago Lollapalooza is held in early August every year and lasts four days. Expect to hear punk and alternative rock, heavy metal, pop, and hip hop at this festival. 

This is just a small sampling of possible bachelor party ideas to get your creative juices flowing. In the end, the best party is the one that’s planned around your passions and preferences. Whatever you do, make sure your celebration is unforgettable.

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