Oct 17, 2019

Best Activities for Outdoor Lovers in West Palm Beach

If you love the outdoors but prefer to explore it when it’s not covered in snow, February may not be your favorite month. In case you can’t wait for spring break to venture off to a warm spot in the United States for a fun time, you’ll be glad to know that West Palm Beach, Florida can provide the adventures you’re looking for.

This town is full of options for a fun time that let you explore different environments and try something that you may not have done before. Here are the best activities for outdoor lovers in West Palm Beach.

Jet Skiing

You may be in need of an activity that provides adrenaline that isn’t available in colder environments. In this case, you’ll need to try jet skiing if you haven’t already, as this allows you to travel at fast paces on the water and enjoy the cool ocean temperatures if you fall off.

Find a jet ski rental West Palm Beach so that you can race your friends like you see in the scenes of your favorite action movies. Classes are available for experts and rookies in case you or someone else in your group is new to the game. If you’re visiting with family, you can take lessons that allow the whole gang to have fun.

Paddle Boarding

West Palm Beach is among the best spots that allow you to work on your tan without having to lay in the sand for hours. One way to do so is through paddle boarding, which allows you to move around on the water under the sun, as well as explore the area and get great photos of the ocean and the land in the background.

Areas such as Riviera Beach are great for paddle boarding, and you can always to a quick jump in the water in case you want to cool off after a long trip. Lessons are available to help everyone from experts to rookies have fun.

Manatee Lagoon

Different spots around the U.S. are home to unique forms of wildlife, and getting close to large animals is one of the best opportunities for outdoor lovers. Those visiting West Palm Beach should save time for a trip to Manatee Lagoon, which is home to one of the world’s most endangered marine animals.

The facility houses dozens of exhibits that let you watch large creatures hang out in warm water, and there are plenty of sources of education in case you want to learn about how manatees operate in the wild and what can be done to preserve the species.

Grassy Waters Preserve

If you’re looking for a place to go hiking or fishing in West Palm Beach, you won’t run out of options at Grassy Waters Preserve. Several trails are available for you to get a good workout in, go for a nice walk while you enjoy the scenery, catch some bait, and watch the sun rise or set over the trees and water. This spot has plenty of wildlife to come across, including white tailed deer, otters, bobcats, alligators, and different species of birds.  

Mounts Botanical Gardens

As much as you need to take advantage of the thrilling activities available in West Palm Beach, some parts of your vacation should be reserved for easier days. These parts of your breaks can be spent exploring places like Mounts Botanical Gardens, which is full of plant life that will make for great additions to your photo collection.

Visitors are treated with 14 acres of gardens, which feature plants that are both native to the area and were brought in from different parts of the globe. These plants include palms, herbs, fruit trees, and bromeliads, with gardens coming in vegetable, butterfly, and rose alternatives. The reflection pond only adds to the beauty.


Pleasant weather brings the opportunity to engage in a variety of sports, one of the most popular options being golf. This town is a haven for anyone looking to work on their swing on their vacation, as it is home to over 160 different courses that come with their own challenges and excellent scenery.

Some of these courses overlook the Atlantic Ocean, which means you get to send awesome photos to everyone back at home. PGA National Resort & Spa, Trump International Golf Club, and Emerald Dunes are among the most popular championship courses that West Palm Beach has to offer, if you’re looking for a challenge.

Keep these activities in mind if you want to spend your next vacation getting fresh air and enjoying great weather.

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