May 26, 2019

Why Do You Actually Need Vitamins and Minerals?

Vitamins and minerals are essential for human beings to live, grow, and thrive. Once we discovered these building blocks of nutrition, it wasn’t long before we found ways to put vitamins and minerals into pill form to make sure we could get all the nutrition we need. Today, most people are aware of the existence of vitamins and minerals, but not all of us may know exactly why we need them.


There are 13 essential vitamins that our bodies rely on to live. These vitamins make our metabolism run, helps us build bone, blood, tissue, and muscles, and make it possible for our brain to produce the proper hormones. Our immune system and physical fitness also depend on these vitamins.

Some of the vitamins we need are water-soluble and others are fat-soluble. Water-soluble vitamins pass quickly through the body and are eliminated, meaning we have to eat some every day.

Fat-soluble vitamins can only be processed if we eat fat. The fat carries these vitamins around the body and we store them in our own fatty tissues. It takes longer for them to be eliminated, which means we don’t have to eat them every day—yet we still need some regularly.


Minerals are found in the earth’s rock and dirt. There are far more minerals in the earth than we actually eat, but there are about 16 that we need. Of these, seven are considered major minerals, and we need a lot of these. The rest are known as trace minerals. We only need a bit of the trace minerals, but without them we will eventually become very unhealthy.

Minerals keep the fluid balance of our body correct, assist our muscles in contracting, help our nerves send the right signal, and are important for blood clotting and for sending oxygen through our blood. We also need them for our immune system and to help us regulate many bodily systems.

Minerals naturally occur in meats, nuts and seeds, water, and in dairy products in particular. Some minerals are also present in leafy greens, though it’s harder for our bodies to metabolize those. In the United States, cereal grains are fortified with added minerals.

Our food is deficient

Vitamin and mineral supplements like those manufactured by Makers Nutrition are important for people living in the modern world, especially since we are unable to get all the nutrients we need from our diet. Humans are inefficient at metabolizing vegetables and completely unable to properly digest cellulose. Grass is a type of cellulose, and grazing animals like cows and sheep are able to extract all the nutrition from this food. The vitamins and minerals they eat are stored in their tissues, which we then eat and benefit from.

Factory-farmed animals, however, do not eat a natural diet, and their meat does not contain everything we need. Add to this that our soil is depleted so that the vegetables and fruit we do eat do not contain all the nutrition they should, and even the healthiest modern eater can use a supplemental boost.

Our choice are poor

Even the healthiest eater can struggle to get good nutrition in the era of the modern mega-farm, but the truth is that most of us aren’t always the healthiest eaters. Eating patterns show that we’re typically consuming a lot of processed food, sugar, and refined grain. We don’t make the right choices as often as we should.

Vitamins and minerals are essential for human beings to thrive; but many of us aren’t getting the ones we need regularly. That’s where a good supplement can make all the difference.

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